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Eggs are the seed of life. Enjoy our Eggsquisite recipes.

Explore the power of eggs, nature’s superfood, through our diverse recipes. Rich in protein and essential nutrients, eggs enhance health and vitality in every dish.

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Eggs for the greater good.

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Who am I?

I am Eggcellent.

I am Michelle Kim, founder of Eggcellent Recipes. I am a Korean-born culinary enthusiast now residing in Canada. Passionate about the natural health benefits of eggs, I founded my website and brand to share how these nutritional powerhouses can transform meals into wellness-boosting delights. I hope my recipes reflect a commitment to healthy living and culinary innovation, inviting everyone to explore the versatility of eggs in everyday cooking.

Healthy Recipes

Passionate about Korean and other cuisine, I always want to make fresh, bold flavors.

Nutrition Consultations

The benefits of eggs are widely-known and studied. Find out more about this superfood.

Inspiring Healthier Habits through the Inclusion of Eggs.

I want to try and inspire others to eat eggs as part of a wholesome, nutritious and affordable way to add protein and flavor to your meals. Learn more about the health benefits of eggs, and their healing, nourishing, funny-side up.
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